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in transit


Kurt Rostek


Kurt has received formal training in visual arts and education in architecture.  His explorations as an Artist have lead him to determine that style is a trap of limitations.  Change and reinvention lead to resolution.  The path of human life does not have to be limited by external expectations but can be as self determined and varied as any individual wants it to be, and still maintain focus and purpose.  Every inspiration he has had has allowed him to a look at his creative path differently and he has interpreted it in the visual language that gives clarity to his vision.  Artistic movements that have had an impact on his life include- The Bauhaus, Constructivism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, & Les Automatistes.

For over 30 years, Kurt has exhibited his work throughout Toronto and expanded his reach to galleries in New York and Beijing. We are honoured to exhibit his series of paintings "in transit" based on the lines that carry us under our cities.  The series is an exploration of the lines and spaces created by subway systems in various well known cities around the world.  However, a conscious decision was made not to make any geographical reference associated with the images.

In Transit 1.jpg
In Transit 7.JPG
In Transit 4.jpg

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