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the journey


Joyce Jenner


 I was born one of eight kids to Donald and Helen Drake. We grew up on a family farm in rural Brantford, Ontario. We didn’t have much money and things were tight growing up.  Often for entertainment we would spend evenings at the kitchen table doing arts and crafts. My brother Paul was an artist and very good at drawing, I wanted to draw like him. I spent my youth enjoying the farm, spending time with the animals and taking walks in the fields, woods and roads of the area. I was almost always seen with the farm dog as my companion. After I grew up I had two children Amanda and Marshall. Marshall has severe autism and for the past 26 years with much help and sacrifice from Amanda we have raised him. Just recently I have been able to get back to my first love and passion of painting. Most of my paintings are a reflection of my past and places I remember from my youth growing up in rural Brantford.

side hill 9x12.JPG
red barn 8x10.JPG
field lane 9x12.JPG
dear field 12x16.JPG

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