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the Hartman | gallery | venue | b&b is a unique venue space. We are committed to providing all of our guests with a one of a kind experience that incorporates a beautiful gallery vibe into our venue and bespoke b&b stays. Local artists are uniquely showcased in the space. Art is hung, gallery style on crisp white walls illuminated by track lighting. Guests that visit the venue and stay in the b&b are able to enjoy local talent and learn about local artists contributing to the art scene. 

Several pieces are showcased in each individual room on our second floor. The pieces are incorporated into the style of the room and can be enjoyed by everyone that comes to stay. 

All art pieces are available to purchase!



The Hartman is ALWAYS seeking new and talented artists to fill our gallery and luxury B&B. If you would like your art on our walls, please fill out the included form to find out how to enter your submissions. 

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