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Spring is just around the corner! We at the Hartman want to celebrate the changing of seasons with you! Come join us on March 22nd from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Vine & Vintage will be hosting a Sipping into Spring Wine Tasting Event. It is time to swap out those cozy big, bold heartwarming red wines, and bring in fresh flavour and bright colour to the table. I know what you're thinking. I've been to a wine tasting before and aren't they all pretty much the same? Trust us, you've never been to a wine tasting like this one before.

You and your friends will absolutely love this event. It can be hard to find a unique and fun night out. Something that you haven't done before. Well this interactive wine tasting fits the bill perfectly.

Vine & Vintage has put an intriguing new twist on the wine tasting experience. Samantha is passionate about wine and passionate about sharing that in a fun and interactive way. Vine & Vintage combines learning the story behind each wine with fun and engaging activities.

The night will consist of good times, with 5 wine tastings. The wines are specifically chosen to represent the freshness of Spring. Each one comes with complimentary food parings. You'll experience interactive games and experiences to get you engaging with the wine and a customized handout detailing the featured wines. We don’t believe you have to be a connoisseur to know a good wine and have a good time, so come out and join in on the journey.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets to this unique event. You don't want to miss this one.

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