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The other week we were so lucky to be invited for a tasting at Hawley Crescent Culinary Services. Hawley Crescent provides the most delicious food prepared meticulously to tantalize your taste buds. They are a Feast-On Certified, Flexitarian Catering Company specializing in diverse menus that accommodate all dietary requirements. They are fully committed to serving quality food and they over deliver on that promise every time.

We met their amazing staff on site and were treated to some of the delicious food you can see below. They have a fantastic facility where they prepare their food. Everything from fresh ingredients to preparing their own meat and pickling their own vegetables. All of their ingredients are farm fresh and tastier than you could ever imagine.

The Hartman | gallery | venue | b&B and Hawley Crescent will be collaborating in the future and designing menus specifically for our Hartman clients. Using the freshest ingredients and local farms near us to provide you with only the best culinary experience. Email us at to start planning your event at the Hartman where you can experience the top notch food Hawley Crescent has to offer on top of the charming ambience of our country setting. The perfect event is here waiting for you.

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