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Here at the Hartman we are all about local. We love to serve local food at our events and at our bed and breakfast. It doesn't get more local than our own herb garden. Growing our own herbs means we can stand by the quality and provide our guests with a unique experience. Here at the Hartman we have a variety of herbs to add to our dishes. What is great is we can offer these herbs to chefs that come and provide an extra element to everyone's experience.

When you stay at the Hartman b&b you may just see the use of our herbs in your continental breakfast. We have everything from orange mint to rosemary to sage to oregano to thyme and even tarragon. Our parsley and coriander plants are growing to the sky! We even have edible lavender and pansies to make your dishes beyond beautiful.

We are obsessed with how amazing this delicious orange mint looks (and tastes). Mint tastes amazing in a variety of desserts and mixed with drinks as well.

Edible pansies are a beautiful addition to the garden. They adorn our dishes and make everything look more summery and fresh.

Our sage is looking and smelling delicious! We love to care for our herbs and offer them to create a unique experience for everyone that comes to visit.

Parsley and coriander are growing here as well. They are so much more than garnish and a fantastic source of vitamin C.

We have to stop ourselves from burying our faces in and breathing in the fresh and savoury oregano.

Book your event and stay at the Hartman b&b to experience our herb garden first hand. Come out and enjoy fresh food picked from the property. It doesn't get much better than that.

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