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Here at the Hartman we are working away and getting closer and closer to opening day for our brand new B&B. Renovations are going well and we are so excited about the changes that have been happening and the plans we have to create a wonderful experience for our guests. We are so excited in fact we thought we would show you a sneak peak of what is going on.

The doors have officially been installed and we are in love with them! They are attached to rails which allow them to slide open and closed. They are a unique feature that really gives each room that special touch.

The mattresses have arrived. Pretty soon they will be set up in each room for the most comfortable sleep.

The B&B will continue to reflect the unique style that the Hartman is well known for. Each guest can expect to see a variety of vintage and antique pieces and decor in all the rooms. What is unique about this B&B is the featured art that will hang on the walls from local artists that will be available for purchase. They really add to the gallery feel of the space.

The bathrooms are coming together so nicely. The most beautiful elements were used to create a relaxing spa like experience.

We are so excited to finish the renovations and open our doors to overnight guests. This is a one of a kind B&B with truly unique details. It is a unique place to stay. Guests will be able to enjoy their event at the Hartman and stay in style and comfort. You can read more about the decor of the B&B HERE. We can't wait to have you stay with us.

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