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The Hartman is privileged to be a part of so many special celebrations. Like this beautiful baby shower that was organized so perfectly by the mom to be's sister. We had an absolutely marvellous time hosting this event for their friends and family to celebrate a new life coming into this world.

This cake is really something special to see. The beautiful ruffles that adorn the bottom and the unbelievably sweet baby carriage perched on top basically spell perfection. We could hardly stand to cut into it. It was just as delicious as it was lovely to look at.

Every last detail was well thought out and planned to perfection. These sweet little party favours really blew us away. Each one is a tiny succulent with a tag that reads 'watch me grow' they were a hit.

Check out these adorable photo props. We have never seen such cute options.

The lovely parents to be look so great on the front steps of the church. It was truly a thrill to see each of the guests enjoy their time at the event. There was so much joy and happiness.

There were many games to play and keep everyone entertained. For example they guessed when the ice cube would melt revealing a tiny baby doll or trying not to say 'baby' for the entire party.

Some other games they had planned were so hilarious and so much fun! Guests had to guess how much certain baby products were and drop a ping pong ball into a cup using only their legs. This particular game always produced tons of laughter.

They had opted to utilize our ice cream shed to spoil their guests. There were many delicious toppings. It was the most perfect treat for a warm summer day. You can read more about our ice cream option here.

Thank you Sonia, Navneet and all of your friends and family for choosing the Hartman to celebrate this milestone. We had so much fun celebrating your baby to be.

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