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Making skincare is so much fun and fun can only multiply if shared. That’s why we just love the idea of collaborating with Catherine DeVos, an amazing Holistic Nutritionist, To run workshops to share with you what she knows. All the ingredients you will use are all natural, healthy and easily available!


Since the beginning of our journey at the Hartman, we have wanted to embrace all things good.  We have enjoyed the marriage of community in our ‘Hartman’ and just love bringing things to our venue that people will enjoy and embrace in their life.  One thing that we have always wanted to explore is the idea of workshops that teach people simple, fun and useful things.   When Catherine came to us asking if we would be interested in her using the space for holistic skin care workshops we jumped at the idea.  After chatting we came up with some amazing workshops for everyone to enjoy.


This fist workshop is led by Catherine DeVos, a Holistic Nutritionist | Certified Nutritional Practitioner | Mother | Cancer Survivor, where she shares with you her passion and knowledge of skincare making.


At this workshop, Catherine shares, you create.


You’ll have your own set of tools & equipment, ingredients, and instructions to create your own products. You’ll know what ingredients are good for your skin and why. You’ll learn the right method of making skincare and will be busy making it yourself in class. (Yes, the right method, because there are many misinformed D.I.Y. recipes out there that you should never follow).


Learn how to make your own natural skin care products at this workshop.


In this hands-on Natural Face Care DIY workshop, you’ll learn how to make 5 facial products.


Catherine will share with you her passion and knowledge in skincare making with a focus on science and creativity. Explore the wonderful world of natural plant oils and extracts, learn what is right for your skin and tailor cosmetic formulas to your specific needs.


If you have always wanted to make your own skincare using natural ingredients, then this inspirational workshop is perfect for you!


At the end of this workshop you will take home 5 natural yet high quality full sized products:


    Floral toner: A refreshing floral toner which can double as face mist.

    Face Serum: Perfect for dry and mature skin or all skin types for dry and colder months.

    Make up Remover: Gently cleanses while nourishing your skin with Oil Cleansing Method.

    Deodorant: A very important ‘all natural’ addition to our daily routine for all women.

    Body Butter: A rich nourishing cream fantastic for night time.


At the end of this course you will be able to:


·                 Understand the roles and usage of different ingredient types in skincare making.

·                 Understand which ingredients types are used in which type of products.

·                 Understand essential oil safety, dermal limit and where to look for information.

·                 Create your own formulas for 5 different facial products.

·                 Produce your own products

·                 Show and tell others about the products and their benefits.


What you will get


·                 Tools, equipment and ingredients to make your own skincare.

·                 Knowledge and motivation to create your skincare products that suit your skin type.

·                 Your very own formulas.

·                 Five products made by you and beautiful packaging.

·                 A workbook with instructions and methods to take home!


Please come prepared


    A pen to take notes

    Your inner mad scientist


Keep an eye out for our next workshop in May… won’t want to miss it!

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