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complimentary chef-led dinner for 2 contest


the Hartman gallery|venue and local chefs are partnering up to create masterful theme-inspired menus and hosting intimate chef-led meals filled with incredible culinary masterpieces!


we will be posting information on these themed events throughout the year so be sure to see below on how to enter the contest to win 2 complimentary seats at the table and make sure to be notified when we are planning the next one!

there are 2 ways you can win a complimentary dinner for 2 to one of these events.


Method 1- by following these steps:


1. subscribe to receive information for our upcoming events at the bottom of our homepage.  if you are already subscribed you will be able to skip this step for future contest entries.

2. "like" us on facebook at thehartmangalleryvenue. if you have already "liked" our facebook page you can skip this step also.

3. look for a current post on our facebook page marked with the title "go to and join the contest to win a complimentary dinner for 2 at the Hartman gallery | venue"

4. "like" and "share" this post with all your friends

5. wait for a message to receive news if you are the winner


by sharing the post, we will copy your name from facebook.  2 seats will be reserved for the contest winners and, approximately 1 week prior to the event, the winning name will be randomly selected. the individual will then be notified through facebook messenger or email.


Method 2- by following these steps:


as the dinner seats will continue to sell to those not entering the contest, throughout the contest duration, and as there is limited space for each event (max. 30 seats), we encourage those who wish to participate in the event to purchase seats early.

those who purchase their tickets in advance will not forego their chance to win 2 of their purchased seats for the dinner.  names of the indivuals who have purchased seats for the event will also be entered.  in order to win, the above steps in Method 1 must also be followed.  the winning individual(s) selected from the draw will also be informed after the draw via email or facebook messenger and their purchase reimbursed upon their attendance to the event.  Should the winner of this draw not attend the event, a refund will not be issued. 


**Some conditions apply**

  • minimum participants required for a chef-led dinner is 26.  if an event has less than 26 individuals, the event will proceed or be rescheduled at the discretion of the chef and the Hartman.  the event will then be delayed to a future date until the minimum required number of participants is reached. 

  • should the winner of the contest not be able to attend the event, seats may be transferrable with written confirmation of names of individuals attending the event at least 6 days prior to the event.  within 6 days prior to the event, the seats then become non-transferrable.

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