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 exhibiting artist 

Elaine Clarfield Gitalis

land lightly
This exhibition draws from three of my current series Waxing Weightless, Circle and Flight Patterns.
The images create stories of weightlessness, wholeness, order and balance. These themes demonstrate my ongoing pursuit of being grounded but leading in the end to a lightness of spirit. Although a feather may fall a great distance, it will always land softly and complete. One of our goals in life is to try to land lightly when life creates the inevitable “downs” and to then pick up the pieces so that we may see the light yet again and once more become whole. Having graduated from the Ontario College of Art as a textile designer, I continue to love textures. Both the illusion of and realities of texture in my paintings create a rich tactile characteristic. The use of wax (encaustic) and collage are important factors contributing to that quality. The pieces beg to be touched!


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