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Emily Kearsley

"A lot of my inspiration for a painting comes from my love of vintage toys, clothes, a past way of life, my childhood, family photos...  Or inspiration can come from music, long drives, movies, my mood, anything can inspire me to create. I use oil paint on canvas.  Being mostly self taught, oil allows more time to think and play around with the paint technique and achieve the look, mood or style I might be aiming for.  I love to paint because I find it very relaxing and I enjoy creating.  I don’t aim for realism perfection when I paint.  I like spending time on details to a point.  I still like it to look like a painting"


Peter Dymont

"Photography is my creative passion.  My inspiration comes primarily from a life long love of exploring southern Ontario's rich and varied wilderness regions.

Wandering off the beaten path, I relish discovering stories untold, unfolding once cropped in my mind.  The shutter releases and captures an image and/or scene within the textures, colours, cracks and holes that weather and wildlife inflict on many of it's trees, rocks and various structures.  Some are instantly obvious and others reveal themselves over time.  One thing is for certain, they are forever changing.  There one week and gone the next in many cases and for a variety of reasons.

Often people will see something in my photographs that I previously had not, or still haven't.  This is largely what keeps me interested in continually seeking out, cropping, exposing and ultimately revealing what I, at the very least, consider to be some of natures hidden treasures."


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